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Do you see the woman hanging precariously from the center arch of the balcony in this, the vinyl edition's interior layout?

Do you know this woman?

Somewhere out there this woman is walking around - blissfully unaware - that her casual stroll upstairs to the balcony that day in The Lido Apartments is responsible for more idiotic entries clogging up the Eagles Newsgroup than any other person, living or dead.

If she knew, would she care?

Not even the advent of digital technology could erase her twisted legacy, for the Compact Disc version covers up this bit of the original album art with, of all things, THE UPC CODE. The Fundamentalists really have something to rant about now.

Like tape hiss lingering from original analog masters, this falsehood continues to plague us.

Will it ever end?

And, more importantly, does this particular woman really look like Old Scratch to you?

Don't you think The Prince Of Darkness would have rather attended
Sunday School than worn '70s clothing?

C'mon. . .
How could one hope to maintain the necessary sinister image while wearing plaid bell-bottoms?
(The clothes were a sin, but they weren't satanic)

Even the Angels would have laughed at him, and since this shot was taken in City of Angels, we can only assume that Lucifer would have been in for a *lot* of ribbing. . .

SO. . .

Can we finally sweep up this recurrent piece of trash and put the rumor where it belongs?