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Eagles' Frey Trying To Wing It These Days

By Dean Johnson
Black and White Version

We're gonna get this party started right," Glenn Frey said of his 12:15 p.m. performance with Max Carl and Big Dance at tomorrow's WBOS EarthFest at the Hatch Shell.

"I'm in there for the start, and then I'll pass the baton," he added, laughing. "That's what veteran rockers do these days."

Frey doesn't often find himself as an opening act. But there are practical reasons for his early afternoon set: Frey has a gig in Florida with fellow Eagle Joe Walsh tomorrow night.

In Boston, Frey is a guest performer tomorrow with one of his new best buddies: Max Carl, formerly with Jack Mack and the Heart Attack, and .38 Special.

Carl has a new album, "One Planet, One Groove" on Frey's Mission record label, and the two co-wrote and performed on several songs on it. Expect Frey to perform with Carl and toss in a couple of his solo tunes, likely "Smuggler's Blues" and "The Heat Is On".

A few gigs with Walsh, mostly corporate outings, and the occasional guest appearance with Max Carl are the only live dates that Frey expects to do this year.

"Whether it's the Eagles or me alone, it's always nice to have product out there," he said. "Having a record you're supporting is when going on the road really means something. Max's album was a nice interlude project between the Eagles and where I am now, because I don't have a new record ready yet, though I 'm working on it."

Frey caught up with the rest of the Eagles last week at the West Coast Walden Woods benefit show featuring mostly woman singers and songwriters. It has been recorded for future release.

"I spoke to two out of the three (other Eagles) about joining Joe and me for the June Tiger Woods Foundation concert that also has Hootie and the Blowfish and Babyface on the bill," Frey said, without elaborating on whom he didn't ask.

"We stay in touch and are on very good terms," he added, "but we're all also on a break from the Eagles, so we don't like to push things. We're just kind of seeing how everything times out."

Another reunion is possible.

"We've learned to never say never," Frey said, "and a lot has to do with quality of life. If we do the Eagles thing again, we want it to be enjoyable and creditable because it's huge commitment.

"It's not like a solo career. The Eagles is a big gorilla and drags everyone around with it. You've got to be in shape and willing and ready to deal with all that."