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There's two things you gotta do when you ski," says Glenn Frey. "You gotta smile, and you gotta ski fast- it's as simple as that." Frey doesn't have much trouble indulging in his love for skiing fast - he lives in Aspen, Colorado. The ex-Eagle knows a thing or two about taking it to the limit: when he isn't skiing in the fast lane, he's pressing weights and writing smash singles. After lending his hitmaking talents to 'Miami Vice' ("Smuggler's Blues") and 'Beverly Hills Cop' ("The Heat Is On"), Frey has turned to more personal matters on his third solo album, 'Soul Searchin'.' "I finally wrote a group of songs for myself to sing," he says. The first single, "True Love", with it's Memphis-tinged horns and Reverend Green vocal, is already headed for the top of the charts. "Livin' Right," which opens side one, is an anthem to fitness, a bit of a switch for the formerly hard-living Frey. "I researched livin' wrong for about ten years," he says. Now he works out on a regular basis to stay in shape for the coming season.