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"How has it changed you," I ask, "working with the Eagles?" "Well, it's given me a lot of confidence. It's given me a lot better working understanding of vocals and how vocals fit together. I've learned a lot about singing, and my voice is much better. It's been good for me as a musician. And, on the road . . . we've been real careful to create friendshipsówe've been able to define ourselves and our spaces to each other. Everybody's been able to say 'O.K. now, here's how I am, and to function, you're gonna have to put up with me in the morning when I'm bitchy, and you're gonna have to put up with me if I get mad at you,' but everybody knows how everybody is. And if somebodyólike, if Glenn and I have a discussion, it's serious. We're not attacking each other personally. We're not calling each other assholes. We just have to make a distance there to talk business, and we do. Everybody knows where everybody else is at. And when you know that, you can relax in people's presence. If somebody fucks up in the band or stays up all night, or is really late, they always feel really, really bad about it, and so nobody catches that much hell. Responsi- bilities, and what people aren't gonna do; that's really the secret of a band. And the overall thing is for the common good of everybody involved."

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