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Jack Tempchin, Glenn Frey

The evening sun is sinking
Hey I've got nowhere else to go
Guess I'll just sit here drinking
Nobody's gonna know
I got some whiskey in the bottle
Got some records on the shelf
I'm gonna throw a little party
For myself
I got this warm fire burning
Outside the snow is falling down
I'm in my favorite chair
Not a worry or a care
This feeling doesn't often come around
You see my baby left me
She found somebody else
So I'm throwing a little party
For myself

Times change
People move on
There ain't much you can do
Got to take a day
Got to find your own way
Back down to being good ole you

There ain't no stupid questions
There ain't no one to interfere
I'm really quite content tonight
I'm glad nobody's here
So I propose a toast
To my happiness and health
'Cause I'm throwing this little party
Happy birthday to me
Good ole me...