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Max Carl, Glenn Frey

Been workin' hard
Pushin' day and night
More I make, the more I spend
Times are gettin' tight
Long after midnight
Tossin' in my bed
I can hear my baby's voice
Ringin' in my head
She says, "I love the way you love me
But if you want me for your honey
You better show me the money."

Show Me The Money
We can talk about the rest
You got to Show Me The Money
And you'll insure my happiness
Show Me The Money
Can'tcha produce me a little cash?
Show Me The Money
Prove that ya ain't just talkin' trash
You put those dollars into motion
And I'll show you my devotion
If you
Show Me The Money

This car I'm drivin' is almost broken down
I wanna buy a big new Cadillac and drive my girl around
Cherry red, sun roof top, downtown radio
People hear me comin' ev'rywhere I go
I told the salesman, "Yeah, I'll take it!"
And he looked at me so funny--
He said, "Show Me The Money."

Well you better Show Me The Money
And you can drive this baby home
If you just Show Me The Money
You can call your girl on the mobile phone
Show Me The Money
You can cruise the neighborhood
Show Me The Money
Lookin' bad and feelin' good
All you got to do
To make your every dream come true
Is just
Show Me The Money

"C'mon baby, you know what I mean
High time livin' in the Land of Green
C'mon Big Daddy, whip it on out
You know what I'm talkin' about . . ."

Show Me The Money
Stop starin' at the pawn shop
I want my stereo back
Show Me The Money
Need new shoes, momma's got the blues
And I'm temporary short on cash
Show Me The Money
Disposable income? Hell I ain't got none
Ain't nuthin' left to spend
Show Me The Money
Turned my water off, turned my cable off
Put me on the street again
Ev'rywhere I turn
One thing I have learned-
Show Me The Money
Show Me The Money . . .