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Glenn Frey talks to Ann Liguori of The Golf Channel
July 30, 1996

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Scorecards of the Stars - Glenn Frey
Ann Liguori sits down with a true “Eagle” on the course
Glenn Frey, a founding member of the classic rock band the Eagles, talks to The Golf Channel’s Conversations with Ann Liguori about his perceived rocky relationship with Don Henley, what was really behind the Eagles getting back together, and how he combines his rock and roll with golf..

One of the many reasons this rocker loves to golf:
“It’s a great counter-balance to rock and roll. When you’re making records, you’re making noise, you’re inside, you’re in a room with no windows, and golf is just the opposite. Golf is quiet, you take a nice walk, you hear birds chirp. It’s a short getaway. It’s like a mini vacation -- you can actually escape for 4 or 5 hours and feel refreshed."

On the long-lasting success of the Eagles’ music:
“It’s really a wild ride...getting to the top of the rock and roll heap is kind of like shooting a 63--you just can’t do it all the time. It’s a hard place to stay. Hard place to get to, harder to stay.

Do you appreciate things more now?
What happened with us is that our music continued. We disbanded, but the music just kept on going. We just never stopped being played on the radio. What’s most satisfying to me is that our songs have lasted.”

On the Eagles’ getting back together:
“It took a while for the stars to line up right. Everyone involved had to get their priorities straight--everyone had to make a serious sacrifice in order to participate with the Eagles again. We came up with some ground rules when we got back--no drugs, no alcohol during band activities--none of that childish stuff. We wanted to sing straight. And we’re singing better now...our live performances are infinitely better in the last 2 years than the best night in the 70’s.”

How would he describe his game?
“I’m a grinder. And I tell you; what I’ve learned to do is not to beat myself to death when I’m playing. You really learn a lot about yourself through golf because there are just so many ups and downs. You have to deal with the disappointments all the time. In tennis, you get a second serve; in golf, you’re punished for every mistake you made. When I’m skiing, I know I can’t fly down the slope like the pros; in tennis when I’m playing, I know I’m not returning a 120mph serve. But when you hit your sand wedge 105 yards and it lands near the that’s the equivalent to a professional shot. It’s great.”

His opinions of The Golf Channel?
“I think it’s the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time. We literally keep it on 24 hours a day. We never move the satellite. The Golf Channel Academy with Jim McLean and Dave Pelz...I get up at seven in the morning to see the Nike Tour, the LPGA, or a European tournament that might not be covered on the networks. I’m thankful that it’s here and I hope it continues to prosper.”

What do you remember when you look back at the Eagles in the 70’s?
“Not a whole lot to tell you the truth, we were in our 20’s and I remember that we enjoyed our success, but we were also very obsessed, and very serious. That’s part of being in your 20’s. We worried about everything. The result of that was a lot of good work. We were very dedicated to our craft. Now that the band is back together, we’re so seasoned that we just don’t even sweat the little stuff.

Since the Eagles’ reunion, have he and Don Henley patched things up?
“I don’t think that there was anything to patch up. I think people thought that there was much more feuding going on than there was. Every time I’d hear something funny about us, I’d run into him later and there were never any problems. So I never listen to what other people tell me about other people anyway. We have a very professional relationship now.”

Would Don Henley ever play golf?
“Well, if he thought that it could raise money for Walden Woods, I think he’d consider it.”
Tune in to The Golf Channel’s Conversations with Ann Liguori to watch the complete interview with Glenn Frey. See program listings for air dates and times.