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Glenn Frey

She looked on me sweetly
And I said I couldn't stay
I reasoned discreetly
And yet I couldn't run away
Two nights I played
And I still hadn't prayed
For the girl in L.A.
Who called me today
To say, "I love you . . ."

If I really loved you
Why'd Rebecca come today
And I placed her above you
Blind to all except my own way

In a cold country town
In a green gingham gown
I'm pledged to a dove
But I must give some love
To Rebecca . . .

She'd been walking at my heels
And I know just how it feels
To see a face . . .
And she never asked my name
No, she knew it was the same as my embrace

Saw her through the night
With mellow smiling
Love is mine
It all takes time