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Max's Juke Joint

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Max Gronenthal Max
Max Gronenthal Whistling In the Dark
Jack Mack and the Heart Attack Cardiac Party
Max Carl Circle
Max Carl Counting On Love
.38 Special Rock 'N' Roll Strategy
.38 Special Bone Against Steel
Max Carl & Big Dance One Planet, One Groove
Songs Covered By Others

Bette Midler, song: Only In Miami Experience The Divine: Bette Midler's Greatest Hits
Joe Cocker, song: Tonight Across From Midnight
Guest Appearances

Wierd Science Circle (soundtrack contribution)
The Lonely Guy The Lonely Guy (soundtrack contribution)
Bonnie Raitt Nine Lives
Glenn Frey Soul Searchin'
Bonnie Raitt The Bonnie Raitt Collection
Jennifer Warnes Hunter
Richard Marx Paid Vacation
Rodney Crowell Jewel of the South
Bad Company Stories Told and Untold
Michael Peterson Michael Peterson
Charlie Daniels By The Light of the Moon: Campfire
David Lee Murphy We Can't All Be Angels
Paul Brandt Outside the Frame
Brady Seals Brady Seals

James Brown
20 All Time Greatest Hits! This is a good place to start with James Brown's music, but there are so many collections available, you may want to peruse his titles yourself, to see which you'd like to try.

Hey, JB personally placed his CAPE on Max's shoulders (although, how a little guy like James got up there is a mystery, since Max is 6'5" . . . maybe those guys that always help James off the stage gave him a boost) -- gotta gotta GOTTA include his music here!

James Brown, the undisputed Godfather of Soul, is also one of Max's musical Godfathers. Having deemed Max worthy enough to wear that famous cape, James also set Max's feet upon the long dirt road of rediscovery: the roots of rhythm, specifically rhythm and blues in the Americas. That search led Max to the hill country of Northern Mississippi, where he found . . .

Othar Turner
Although Max was not directly involved in the making of this CD, Othar Turner's music has so intrigued him, and is so inspiring to him, that this CD HAD to be included in Max's Juke Joint.
Everybody Hollerin' Goat