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A Monstrous Discography

Each album logo is an image link which will lead you to detailed information on that album including lyrics.

Released May 28th, 1982
(Asylum LP 60129, CD 60129-2)
I Found Somebody|The One You Love|Partytown| I Volunteer|I've Been Born Again|Sea Cruise|That Girl|All Those Lies|She Can't Let Go|Don't Give Up

May 1982 I Found Somebody/ She Can't Let Go (Asylum 47466)
October 1982 The One You Love/ All Those Lies (Asylum 69974)
January 1983 All Those Lies/ That Girl (Asylum)

    (Asylum LP 60205-1, CD 60205-2)
    Released October 1982
    Produced by Bill Szymczyk
    Hotel California|Heartache Tonight|Seven Bridges Road| Victim Of Love|The Sad Café|Life In The Fast Lane| I Can't Tell You Why|New Kid In Town|The Long Run|After The Thrill Is Gone

    October 1983 Double CD Package:
    One Of These Nights

    November 1983 Double CD Package:
    Hotel California
    The Long Run

Released June 1984
(MCA LP 5501, CD 31158)
re-activated June 1985, CD issued August 1989
The Allnighter|I Got Love|Sexy Girl| Somebody Else|Lover's Moon|Smugglers's Blues|Let's Go Home| Better In The U.S.A.|Living In Darkness|New Love

August 1984 7" Sexy Girl/ It's Better In The U.S.A. (MCA 52413)
October 1984 7" The Alnighter/ Smugglers' Blues (MCA)
November 1984 7" Smugglers' Blues/ New Love (MCA 52546)

January 1985 7"/12"
The Heat Is On/Shoot Out (Keith Forsey & Harold Faltermeyer) (MCAT 941)

    May 1985 Best Of The Eagles
    (re-issued August 1988)
    Take It Easy|Peaceful Easy Feeling| Desperado|Tequila Sunrise|Best Of My Love|Lyin' Eyes|Take It To The Limit| One Of These Nights|Hotel California|New Kid In Town|Life In The Fast Lane|Heartache Tonight|The Long Run

June 1985 7" Smuggler's Blues/ New Love (BBC Records, Britain only)
12" as above, plus Living In Darkness (BBC Records)

June 1985 12" Smuggler's Blues/Smuggler's Blues & I've Got Love (MCAT 1008)

July 1985 7" Sexy Girl/ It's Better In The U.S.A. (BBC Records)
12" as above, plus The Heat Is On (dub)/ New Love (BBC Records)

September 1985 7" You Belong To the City/ Smugglers' Blues (MCA 52651)

October 1985 7" You Belong To The City/ I Got Love (BBC Records)
12", CD, and CD single; as above, plus The Heat Is On

    September 1985 7" Take It To The Limit/ Best Of My Love (Old Gold Records)
    September 1985 7" Hotel California/ Desperado (Old Gold Records)
    October 1985 7" Lyin' Eyes/ One Of These Nights (Old Gold Records)

    June 1988 7": Hotel California / Pretty Maids All In A Row
    12" includes The Sad Cafe

    CD Single includes above, plus Hotel California (live)

Released August 8th, 1988
(MCA LP 6239, CD 6239)
Living Right|Some Kind Of Blue| True Love|Can't Put Out This Fire|I Did It For Your Love|Let's Pretend We're Still In Love| Working Man|Soul Searchin'|Two Hearts|It's Your Life

January 1989 7" Soul Searchin'/ It's Cold In Here (MCA 52413)
12", CD single; as above plus True Love
March 1989 Livin' Right/ Soul Searchin' (MCA)
May 1989 Two Hearts/ Some Kind Of Blue (MCA 52546)

    June 1989 CD/EP Take It Easy/ One Of These Nights/ Desperado/ Lyin' Eyes

    January 1991 CD/C/LP The Best Of The Eagles

April 1991 7" Part Of Me, Part Of You (MCA )

Released June 23rd, 1992
(MCA CD 10599)
Silent Spring (instrumental prelude) |Long Hot Summer|Strange Weather|Agua Tranquillo (instrumental)| Love In The 21st Century|He Took Advantage (Blues For Ronald Reagan)|River Of Dreams| I've Got Mine|Rising Sun (instrumental)|Brave New World|Delicious| A Walk In The Dark|Before The Ship Goes Down|Big Life|Part Of Me, Part Of You

June 1992 7" River Of Dreams/ He Took Advantage (Blues For Ronald Reagan) (MCA )
July 1992 7" I've Got Mine/ Part Of Me, Part Of You (MCA )
CD single, as above plus A Walk In The Dark

Recorded July 8th, 1993
Released July 20th, 1993
(MCA CD 10826)

Peaceful, Easy Feeling|New Kid In Town|The One You Love| Wild Mountain Thyme|Strange Weather|I've Got Mine|Lyin' Eyes|Take It Easy (medley)| River Of Dreams|True Love|Love In The 21st Century|Smuggler's Blues| The Heat Is On|Heartache Tonight|Desperado

Concert Video,

Recorded July 8th, 1993 The Stadium in Dublin, Ireland
Released July 22nd, 1993
(MCA Home Video, 10676)

Long Hot Summer|Peaceful Easy Feeling| The One You Love|Take It Easy|River Of Dreams|New Kid In Town|Strange Weather| I've Got Mine|Lyin' Eyes|Wild Mountain Thyme|True Love|Love In The 21st Century| Living Right|Smuggler's Blues|The Heat Is On|Heartache Tonight|Partytown| Desperado

    July 1994
    Take It Easy|Witchy Woman|Peaceful Easy Feeling| Outlaw Man|Doolin-Dalton|Desperado|Tequila Sunrise|Already Gone|You Never Cry Like A Lover| On the Border|Ol' 55|James Dean|Best Of My Love|Lyin' Eyes|Hollywood Waltz|One Of These Nights| Take It To The Limit|Hotel California|New Kid In Town|Wasted Time|Life In The Fast Lane| The Last Resort|Heartache Tonight|The Long Run|I Can't Tell You Why| Those Shoes|In The City|King Of Hollywood|Please Come Home For Christmas

    (Geffen CD 24725)
    Released November 8th, 1994
    Produced by the Eagles with Elliot Scheiner and Rob Jacobs
    Get Over It|Love Will Keep Us Alive| The Girl From Yesterday|Learn To Be Still|Tequila Sunrise|Hotel California| Wasted Time|Pretty Maids All In A Row|I Can't Tell You Why|New York Minute| The Last Resort|Take It Easy|In The City|Life In The Fast Lane|Desperado

    Get Over It (Geffen 19376)

    VHS Video, Geffen 39548
    Laser Disc, Image Entertainment 3061
    Hotel California (acoustic version)|Tequila Sunrise|Help Me Through the Night| The Heart of the Matter|Love Will Keep Us Alive|Learn To Be Still| Pretty Maids All in a Row|The Girl From Yesterday|Wasted Time| I Can't Tell You Why|New York Minute|The Last Resort|Take It Easy| Life In The Fast Lane|In The City|Get Over It|Desperado

Released March 28th, 1995
(MCA CD 11227)
This Way To Happiness|Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed| Common Ground|Call On Me|The One You Love|Sexy Girl|Smuggler's Blues|The Heat Is On|You Belong To The City |True Love|Soul Searchin'|Part Of Me, Part Of You|I've Got Mine|River of Dreams|Rising Sun (instrumental)|Brave New World