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Jason, October '97
The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas

A friend of mine called me and said she had tickets to a concert at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel. I asked her who was performing and she told me "Glenn Frey" with a bit of question in her voice. I knew she had no idea who he was, but I was excited knowing him to be a former Eagle and being a fan of his solo material. I actually was more familiar with his solo songs in the Miami Vice era when I was around 11-13 years old. I had the soundtrack for the show and his were my favorite tracks. I also remember "The One You Love" having a lot of play. I really hadn't ever been exposed to much Eagles material, and all I could probably tell you about the Eagles before this concert was that they wrote "Hotel California." Anyway, this was just after they were announced as inductees to the Hall of Fame and he was pleased. But it was a great concert and he played a great mix of Eagles and solo tunes. But I have become a huge Eagles fan as a result of that show, and I wish I could see it again to appreciate and recognize all the Eagles songs he played. I remember in particular what sparked my interest in the Eagles was hearing him perform "Lyin' Eyes" which I was familiar with but never knew it was an Eagles tune. Later I went and bought the first Greatest Hits album with Lyin' Eyes and discovered all the other fantastic musical treasures that and the other albums have for us to appreciate. Hope he comes around again soon!

Eagles shows H.C.1977; L.R 1979, 1980; H.F.O. 1994-1996;
Also solo Aug.1985; Sept.19 92; J.W.Aug.1993
Various Locations from Irvine Meadows Great Woods MA.

Glenn is an outstanding live performer. His guitar work is greatly under-rated. His slide playing on Smugglers Blues- For my money there is no better live singer or on record than Glenn. Glenn states on the liner notes of his live album that he enjoys to play live. This is more than evident in the performance that he presents to his audience. Over the years Glenn has also developed a great ability to bond with his audience. Part of the fun is knowing that he is having a great time playing. I am looking forward to more material and live performances from this truly outstanding artist.

This Glenn Frey moment that I experienced was during the Eagles Hell Freezes Over concert years. Firstly, I would like to say, that I am a big Eagles fan. This was I believe, their fifth show since they kicked off the tour, and it would be my fourth that I'd seen so far. I must admit that the first few shows they did at Irvine Meadows were very magical, but they were a bit stiff. The in-between songs dialog seemed a bit rehearsed.

This concert was the one that I really went overboard and spent even more money to get myself as close the front row as possible. At the other shows, I was pretty far back. Mostly because I wanted to use my money to be able to see MORE EAGLES CONCERTS!. So, I ended up with 3rd row seats at this venue. It was incredible.

Now, to me, it seemed that the guys were loosening up a bit, and not reading their lines. And the one Eagle who really came through with the spontaneity was of course, Glenn! What happened was at this concert, I had decided to bring along a little of the old Mary Jane. I had purposely not gotten stoned at any of the other Eagles concerts, because I really wanted to get the whole 'real experience' out of it. But this night was going to be PartyTown! So, as the concert began and the lights went dim, I was attempting to light my pipe........When every time I tried, this annoying swarm of guys in yellow jackets would rush me with their flashlights, and make a scene out of me. I was determined, so I kept trying. Well, after the third try, one the guards told me that if I did it again, I'd be out! So, my concert experience was frustrating until that point. Then, after about the 4th or 5th song had just ended, Glenn looks right in my direction and shouts..."Hey you security guys over here....Relax!...THIS IS AN EAGLES CONCERT!!!"

And for that moment in time, while the thousands of fellow Eagles fans behind me screamed with agreement, I felt higher than any joint could take me! I looked at Glenn and gave him the biggest 'Thumbs Up' I could! I wonder if he remembers this! And if Glenn ever gets the chance to read this message, I would like to thank him for a great show, and a great memory. Thanks Glenn!


February 6, 1998
Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana, California

I saw Max Carl & Big Dance with Glenn Frey at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA on Friday, February 6. The show was wonderful! Galaxy Theatre is a small (600 capacity) venue with terraced seating for dinner and also standing room in back. My friend and I, who flew out from Phoenix, didn't get to use our dinner reservations. We flew standby and missed six flights on America West to the LA area before the 7:00 PM MST flight had two available seats. So, we got into Orange County's John Wayne Airport around 7:00 PM PST. After much hustling, we got to the Galaxy for the second opening act, White Lies. They sucked, but the lead singer was talented.

Max Carl & Big Dance took the stage by marching from the back of the room to the stage with marching band drums. Max had a bass drum strapped on. Glenn did an introduction, stating that playing with MC&BD was very fulfilling, although not quite as lucrative as touring with that "other band!" Max & the band were great. They have a pronounced GF influence, with a great brass section and lots of sax.

Glenn did "Smuggler's Blues" and "The Heat is On." He did "Smuggler's" with the HFO-style slide guitar intro, but it was at a slower tempo than HFO. In introducing the song, Glenn made reference to past casual cocaine use. He went on to say how the cops love him, and especially his songs "Smuggler's Blues," "The Heat is On," and "You Belong to the City." I am a huge Glenn Frey fan, with Glenn being a close second to Joe in my book. Anyway, he just didn't get into Smuggler's Blues. That song usually just blows me away. But last Friday night, it was delivered without emotion. On the Eagles "Wasted Time" Bootleg, recorded at the Target Center in Minneapolis on 2/25/95, I "feel" Smuggler's Blues. I can't really describe the feeling-- it just sort of consumes me. His performance of Smuggler's at the Galaxy didn't move me. It's hard to put it into words.... Even so, hearing the song live was wonderful.

He also did "Heartache Tonight" during the first and only encore. After Heartache Tonight, Glenn did one of his patented "Quick-outs," running off stage. For most of the night, he played a Gibson Les Paul guitar.

Max Carl has a heavy Jazz influence. I really did think he was great. If he were to tour again, even without Glenn, I would definitely go. I ran out and bought "One Planet, One Groove" right away. It is a great album, especially the song "One More River." I certainly hope he will play Phoenix soon. Yes, this concert was worth traveling to SoCAL for. If you like Glenn Frey’s solo work, you will like Max Carl. Glenn’s involvement with Max’s album and his playing the CA shows makes me hungry for a new Glenn album and tour!!!

Alex L. Bowden