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The Periodicals Rack
This is a great stack of old magazines and other print media ... don't you wish your doctor had a stash like this in his waiting room? A new article will be posted here daily; as the collection grows you will have the opportunity to discover facts about the band and it's members that you never knew, see some great photos, and become more familiar with what is out there, as far as collectable paper is concerned.

For those of you who have read Marc Shapiro's 'The Long Run,' this will also give you endless hours of enjoyment, as you are finally able to attribute all those mis-quotes to the persons who actually said them.

For those of you who bid on Ebay and other auction sites, you can benefit from this new and growing archive, because it will give you a chance to peek in between the covers before you bid. Hopefully now, and especially in the future as this grows, it will help guide you as you try to decide on items: if it is a good article, you'll know what magazine, issue and date. If it doesn't interest you, you can avoid it.

There is only so much of this old stuff to go around, and there is really no way to be able to collect it all. For those of you who can't or don't want to get caught up in bidding wars, or who are unable to get out and go to record shows, or who simply cannot afford collecting, this is for you.

For those of you who collect, if you have found this to be a helpful resource to you as you research the band or the old print available on the band, consider sending items from your collection that are not featured here. Seen a small but interesting blurb about the Eagles in a vintage mag, long forgotten? Have a really great review from your hometown newspaper? Send them here and a comprehensive and reliable source of information for all can be developed. Why depend on "writers" like Shapiro and Eliot to give you their bungled or slanted interpretation on the band when you can read the history for yourself?

What you see below represents the highlights: some are long articles, some are very brief. All of them offer a glimpse at rock history, and cultural evolvement. There are also reviews and some fun bonus items to be revealed along the way.

Special Thanks to Freynatic, who will be sharing her lifelong collection of Eagles/Frey memorabilia with us.

Previous Features:
California Rock, California Sound
This first article really isn't an article; it's the Eagles chapter in a long out-of-print book: California Rock, California Sound. Written by Anthony Fawcett with all photography supplied by Henry Diltz, it is a remarkable document of the Southern California music scene in full blossom, and it's rarer than rare. If you never get a chance to get your hands on a copy of your own, at least you can read the Eagles chapter here!

Penthouse: Glenn Frey's Hot Pursuits
You have seen some of these photos before . . . those mysterious, sexy, and highly sought-after sweater modeling shots that appear on the Desperado web site. The ladies of the internet have been wondering about those for years. Finally, thanks to the marvels of Ebay, they have surfaced: and the delightful part is, there were several more photographs in the Penthouse feature, and a brief but interesting article in which Glenn discusses his "upcoming" series South of Sunset. Also, for the guys, two photos of South Of Sunset co-star Maria Patillo- both are modeling some really unique and beautiful sweaters. A true feast for the eyes!

Music Express: Flying Solo
GREAT and apparently overlooked interview with Glenn just as Soul Searchin' was coming out. "Bounding enthusiatically around his impressive Coldwater Canyon digs in skintight bicycle stretch pants," Glenn takes on marriage and divorce, hyper-fitness and over-indulgence, music and commerce and gets a few digs in on Neil Young. Features two terrific color photos from the Soul Searchin' album cover shoot.

Rolling Stone: Eagles Versus The Grey Skies of London
Small glimpse of the band as they languish at the end of a dark London winter.

Rolling Stone: Chips Off the Old Buffalo
One wonders if the anybody in the group went out and bought five copies for his mother . . . Cameron Crowe's excellent article shadowing the emergence of the band into superstar status: first of two cover stories Rolling Stone has done on the band.

Also in this Issue
Joe Walsh appears in a small supplement titled: Ears Only

Rolling Stone: Random Notes Column
Eagles, Ronstadt, Fogelberg, Browne and Lindley show support for Jerry Brown (Ronstadt shows a lotta leg as well.)

Rolling Stone: Eagles Give Grammies the Bird
Apparently this was quite a scandal in its time... but an evening of Debbie Boone and 'You Light Up My Life' was hardly enticing.

Rolling Stone: They Call Him 'Big Shorty'
Sometimes The Tiniest Eagles Have the Most Terrifying Talons...

Rolling Stone: Eagles Working On New Album (2/22/79)
The Reverend Charles M. Young reports in from the ongoing Long Run sessions.

Rolling Stone: Eagles Complete 'The Long Run'
Another Random Notes entry, documenting the long awaited and much debated Long Run album. Ha! And they thought three years was a LONG wait...

Rolling Stone: A Good Year In Hell
Eagles at the apex of their success.

Rolling Stone: the 70's
Interview coinciding with the Henley/Frey songwriting team's tentative early '90s attempts at a resumption.

Rolling Stone: Walden Woods Benefit
First time Don, Glenn and Tim had appeared on a stage together since 1980... a harbinger of the resumption tour.

Rolling Stone: Wings Over America
The rumors are confirmed and the Eagles are ready to go back out there and reclaim their territory. Glenn takes on those who criticized the ticket prices.

Circus: Eagles Kick Up a Sundance

Hit Parader: The Eagles
Introductory and very complimentary article by the same writer who would later write the better-known Crawdaddy article, which follows here:

Crawdaddy: One of These Nights
In the throes of their Hotel California state of mind, Barbara Cherone catches up with the Eagles in a bungalow of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Both the band and the writer are older and wiser and, yes, much more cynical than when the Hit Parader article was written. Interesting and telling contrast.

Circus: Fishing With the Eagles for the Universal Trout
Interview with Don Felder finds him at the Caribou Ranch/Recording Studios at Big Sur, and captures his thoughts on joining the Eagles.

Circus: Eagles Fit in LP, Tour, Walsh
Summer of '76 and the world belonged to rock and roll and the people who played it.

Hit Parader 77: Eagles Order Room Service
Late night, post concert article with Don, Randy, J.D.

People Magazine 12-1-1982
Some of the first print info on the break-up that they hid for two years. Good article.

People Magazine 7-1-94
Gives a more personal slant on the reunion... great photos (which will be added soon...)

USA Today 5/27/94
Cover story celebrating the launch of the Hell Freezes Over Tour.

Rolling Stone: You Belong to the Pepsi Generation
Photo and small write-up on Glenn and Don Johnson on the set of the Pepsi commercial, with director Ridley Scott.

Rolling Stone: Sign of the Times
Quick observation on the growing trend (then) of musicians being featured in fitness ads.

Rolling Stone: Random Notes Goes on Vacation
Nice socks, dude. Nice flippers, dude. Turn the burgers... write another song about fish...

Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine: Frey Interview 1986

Hartford Courant, 3/28/77: Concert Review, Hotel California Tour

The Long Run (Hartford Courant Review)

Hartford Courant: Veterans of Los Angeles Rock Still Champion It's Joys
Terrific review of new releases in the fall of 1984.

Hartford Courant: Glenn Frey Says Resolve Will Insure His Solo Success
Nice interview from 1984, the summer leading up to The Allnighter release. Typical Eagles questions, but a few new facts about Glenn's projects at that time.

Hartford Courant 6/23/96: Hell Freezes Over Review

Hartford Courant 6/25/96: Miscommunications Blamed for Eagles Motorcade Incident