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MCA LP 6239, CD 6239

Released August 8th, 1988

Early to bed, early to rise? Since when, dude? This was a transitional album for Glenn, and aptly named. The emotional undertone is decidedly more austere than the previous albums, even on the ballads. (Perhaps especially on the ballads.) Sharply in contrast to the sultry shadows and secluded trysting spots painting the landscape of The Allnighter, a feeling of wistful longing pervades these songs, suggesting a sense of having no choice but to go inward, re-build, and look toward the future.
During this time Glenn had become interested in bodybuilding and optimal eating habits, and starting off the album, his so-called "anthem to fitness", "Living Right" seems to set the tone for everything that follows. This recording signals a turning point for Glenn, a precursor to the themes and stylistic approach which will emerge on the next album, 1992's Strange Weather.