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MCA CD 10599
Released June 23rd, 1992

A time of reckoning first foretold on 1988's Soul Searchin' comes to pass on Glenn's most recent studio release. From social unrest and inequity (Long Hot Summer; I've Got Mine) to the peculiar dilemma of socializing in the Nineties (Love In the 21st Century) and a surprisingly personal glimpse at the sometimes ridiculous nature of celebrity (Big Life), Strange Weather brought Glenn into new thematic territory but the music remains accessible as always. A new emphasis on longer song intros and instrumental preludes offset these introspective compositions well and allow the disc to unfold at it's own pace (a necessity considering how many issues are addressed.)
The questions asked on Soul Searchin', about loneliness, longing and the long search for the right person re-surface here. Even permanency brings a new sort of uncertainty, and a permanent commitment brings with it a windstorm of new questions. And so it goes on... Strange Weather for you and I...
Still, underneath it all there is a determination here to ride out the storm, best exemplified by the closing track, "Part of Me, Part of You". The spirit of this disc seems to say: let the wind blow, let the rain howl, but you aren't getting rid of me that easily.