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Singing In The Streets

The Music Of Jack Tempchin

           Pick up any book with a chapter on the music scene of 1970s Los Angeles. Almost to a one, the author will make some reference to the "peaceful, easy feeling" that this music evokes. Unbeknownst to him at the time, Jack Tempchin had penned what has become not only an enduring, classic song, but a defining phrase for his own generation, post-Vietnam baby-boomers wishing to explore the vastness of a nation they so recently had inherited. Anyone who hears this song finds themselves wanting, "to sleep in the desert tonight, with a billion stars all around."
          But it didn't stop with that one song. His compositions covered by a wide range of artists, Jack Tempchin is a songwriter's songwriter but his own albums remain less known. Presented here, a chance to become acquainted with Jack's individual works:
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