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You'll find Glenn here too. . .

Strange Weather: A Glenn Frey Homepage
Brave New World
River of Dreams

Glenn Frey Bulletin Board on

These are some of Glenn's friends

Jack Tempchin
J.D. Souther

Joe drives a Chrysler, Glenn drives a Dodge!
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Mostly Joe: Debster's Joe Walsh/Eagles Pages
Joe Walsh - Not Your Ordinary Average Cup Of Joe

Visions: Linda's Don Felder Page
Voices: A Timothy B. Schmit Page

These are some other Eagles sites on the internet


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Eagles Resources

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Natural Progressions Magazine
Mail here to subscribe to Natual Progressions Magazine. One More Song is our search service. At the moment it offers an e-mail service notifying Eagles items for sale at cost price. It is only available to subscribers.
Welcome to the club is our letters forum and pen-pal service. It gives people a chance to see their opinions in print or have a pen-pal somewhere in the world who is a fellow Eagles fan - again this is only available to subscribers.

The Wasted Times
The Fast Lane's snail-mail 'zine.

Fong's Eagles Discography
Dan Smith's Eagles Guitar Tabs
Dave Cormier's Desperado Wallpaper
Wallpaper (this is approximately 50K)
Hotel California