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Staying Home

Night River Records
Released 1991

           Coming gently as first light slipping through the bare woods in early spring, the sparse yet spritely arrangements of this collection of songs achieve the unusual: it lulls and awakens the senses simultaneously. These songs will slow down your stressed out heartbeat and open your heart up to the tales told here. As usual, Jack turns to the narrative, simple yet evocative tunes which underscore the universiality of human experience.

           From A Yellow Bird is your invitation to come inside, hope-tinged and pure; followed by the delicate Spanish-style guitar in She Can't Let Go. The tender lullaby of Lover's Moon, rather than sending you off to dream land, opens you up to the life affirming down-home tale, That Old Dog Had Soul.

          The second half of this record shadow-boxes, taking on the part of that long shadow of the past which stretches into the now. Touching gloves with it in My Old Friends, coming out of the corner swinging in Party For Myself, dodging and weaving in Christmas Calling, Holding on in I'm Daddy Now, cheerfully shrugging shoulders and rolling with the punches in Sixteen Years Of Love. Each in it's own way, these slices of life thematically explore the inevitable: facing up to mistakes and facing down heartache. Everybody finds their own way, and this collection of songs hold something for everybody who's ever found themselves Staying Home, whatever their reasons were.

          My life as a musician was born in the "coffeehouse" scene in California between 1965 and 1972. When I made "Staying Home", I wanted to return to acoustic music based around the meaning and power of the songs. This record was made in my garage studio with an adat machine and a few friends. I had written down something Tayo had said and stuck it on the wall: KEEP IT SIMPLE and STAY CLOSE TO THE SOURCE.
          John went home for Christmas to visit his family. It was the first time he had gone home in the fifteen years I had known him. I wrote "Christmas Calling".
          I was thinking about my Dad, and about being a dad, and I wrote "I'm Daddy Now".
          Walking on the beach I started writing "Lovers Moon". I tried to keep it simple and to stay close to the source. There is a time for chasing your dreams around the world and another time for staying in one place and building on what you have and letting your dreams come to you. This was my time for STAYING HOME.