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Possessing a distinctive voice and an extraordinary arrangement sense, Glenn has always been highly sought by other artists to lend his singing and playing to their own recordings. In recent years, he has also taken on the challenge of producing, his talent and creative experience providing a guiding hand in the studio to noted blues artists. This chronicle of Glenn's personal projects, Eagles releases, and guest appearances testifies to the long lasting impact Glenn has had on popular music.


The Mushrooms
single, Such A Lovely Child/Blank B-Side


Bob Seger System
single, Ramblin,' Gamblin' Man (backing vocals, rhythm guitar)


Longbranch Pennywhistle
album, Longbranch Pennywhistle

Bob Seger System
album, Bob Seger System
Ramblin', Gamblin' Man (backing vocals, rhythm guitar)


Longbranch Pennywhistle
Movie, Vanishing Point, non-soundtrack song used in movie
I Can't Believe It (co-composer; guitar and vocals)


Eagles eponymous debut album released on June 1

Linda Ronstadt
album, Linda Ronstadt
Rock Me on the Water (arranger and guitar)
I Fall To Pieces (co-arranger, guitar)
Birds (co-arranger, guitar and backing vocals)
I Ain't Always Been Faithful (guitar, backing vocals)
Rescue Me (co-arranger, guitar, backing vocals)

J.D. Souther
album, John David Souther
The Fast One (guitar)
Jesus In 3/4 Time (guitar)
Kite Woman (guitar)


Eagles album, Desperado released on April 17th

Jackson Browne
album, For Everyman
Red Neck Friend (harmony vocals)

Linda Ronstadt
album, Don't Cry Now
The Fast One (electric guitar)

David Blue
album, Nice Baby and the Angel
Nice Baby and the Angel (harmony vocals)


Eagles album, On The Border released on March 22nd

Joe Walsh
album, So What
Help Me Through the Night (backing vocals)
Turn to Stone (backing vocals)

Linda Ronstadt
album, Heart Like a Wheel
You Can Close Your Eyes (acoustic guitar)

Randy Newman
album, Good Old Boys
track(s) unknown (guitar, vocals, harmony vocals)


Eagles album, One Of These Nights released on June 10th

Dan Fogelberg
album, Souvenirs
Someone's Been Telling You Stories (backing vocals)

Danny O'Keefe
album, So Long Harry Truman
Steel Guitar (guitar)

John Prine
album, Common Sense
Common Sense (backing vocals)
Wedding Day in Funeralville (backing vocals)
My Own Best Friend (electric guitar)

Souther Hillman Furay Band
album, Trouble in Paradise
Somebody Must Be Wrong (backing vocals)
Backing vocals as member of The Sons Of The Desert Trio


Eagles: Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 released February 17th
Eagles album, Hotel California released December 8th

J.D. Souther
album, Black Rose If You Have Crying Eyes (electric guitars)
Black Rose (backing vocals)

Warren Zevon
album, Warren Zevon
Carmelita (rhythm guitar, harmony vocals)
French Inhaler (harmony vocals)

Carly Simon
album, Another Passenger
Libby (guitar)

Ned Doheny
album, Hard Candy
If You Should Fall (guitar)


BBC Radio Series, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
"Journey Of The Sorcerer" by the Eagles used as theme music

Joni Mitchell
album, Don Juan's Reckless Daughter
Off Night, Backstreet (backing vocals)

Karla Bonoff
album, Karla Bonoff
If He's Ever Near (backing vocals)

Randy Newman
album, Little Criminals
Short People (harmony vocals)
Baltimore (guitar, backing vocals)
Little Criminals (guitar)
Rider in the Rain ( backing vocals)


Eagles release single, "Please Come Home For Christmas/ Funky New Year" on November 27th
"Life In the Fast Lane" featured on FM Soundtrack

Bob Seger
album, Stranger in Town
'Til It Shines (guitar)

Jack Tempchin
album, Jack Tempchin
Peaceful, Easy Feeling (twelve string acoustic guitar)
Fifteen Days Under The Hood (backing vocals)

Joe Walsh
album, But Seriously, Folks
Tomorrow ( backing vocals and backing vocal arrangement)
Dubbed "The Lone Arranger" in the credits

Joe Walsh
album, Best Of Joe Walsh
Help Me Through the Night (backing vocals)
Turn to Stone (backing vocals)


Eagles release album, The Long Run on September 24th

J.D. Souther
album, You're Only Lonely
The Last in Love (co-composer; backing vocals)
'Til the Bars Burn Down (co-composer; backing vocals)
White Rhythm and Blues (harmony vocals)


Eagles album, Eagles Live released on November 7th
"Lyin' Eyes" featured on the Urban Cowboy Soundtrack
"I Can't Tell You Why" featured on the Inside Moves Soundtrack

Bob Seger
album, Against the Wind
Against the Wind (harmony vocals)
Fire Lake (backing vocals)

Boz Scaggs
album, Hits!
Look What You've Done To Me (backing vocals)

Elton John
album, 21 at 33
White Lady, White Powder (backing vocals)

Randy Meisner
album, One More Song
One More Song (backing vocals)

Warren Zevon
album, Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School
Bill Lee (harmony vocals)
Wild Age (harmony vocals)


Dan Fogelberg
album, The Innocent Age
Hard to Say (harmony vocals)

Jack Mack and the Heart Attack
album, Cardiac Party
all tracks, (producer)
various tracks, (vocals, guitar, keyboards)


Glenn's album No Fun Aloud released on May 28th

Eagles album, Eagles Greatest Hits Volume 2 released

Lou Ann Barton
album, Old Enough
all tracks, (producer)
various tracks, (guitar, backing vocals)

Bob Seger
album, The Distance
Shame on the Moon (harmony vocals)

Karla Bonoff
album, Wild Heart Of the Young
track(s) unknown (producer)

movie, Sargeant Bilco
Partytown (no soundtrack available)


Glenn's album The Allnighter released in June

Soundtrack, Beverly Hills Cop
The Heat Is On

Soundtrack, The Lonely Guy
The Lonely Guy co-composer, producer (MCA 36010, no longer in print)


Soundtrack, Miami Vice
Smugglers' Blues
You Belong To The City

Jimmy Buffett
album, Last Mango in Paris
When the Phone Doesn't Ring, It'll Be Me (backing vocals)
Gypsies In The Palace (co-composer; backing vocals, spoken vocal at end)

"Heartache Tonight" featured in the movie, The Sure Thing


Dan Fogelberg
album, Dan Fogelberg's Greatest Hits
Hard To Say (harmony vocals)


Glenn's album Soul Searchin' released on August 8th


Soundtrack, Ghostbusters II
Flip City


Soundtrack, Thelma and Louise
Part of Me, Part of You


Glenn's album Strange Weather released on June 23rd

compilation CD, The 80's Greatest Hits: The Power and the Passion
You Belong to the City

compilation CD, Rock The First Volume 2
Smugglers' Blues

compilation CD, Soundtrack Smashes
The Heat Is On


Glenn's album Glenn Frey: Live in Dublin released on July 20th
     Video, filmed July 8th, released July 22nd

Jack Tempchin and the Seclusions
album, After the Rain
producer, original one day tracking session
Blue Flame (co-composer; backing vocals)

On The Loose (co-composer; backing vocals)

John Prine
album, Great Days: The John Prine Anthology
Common Sense (backing vocals)

compilation CD, Soundtrack Smashes and More
The Heat Is On

Eagles Tribute Album Common Thread is released on October 12th

Video Appearance, Travis Tritt's Take It Easy


Eagles album, Hell Freezes Over released on November 8th
     Video, Hell Freezes Over released October 26th

Little River Band
album, Reminiscing: The Twentieth Anniversary Collection
Lying Eyes/ Take It Easy (Live)

compilation CD, Billboard Top Hits 1985
The Heat Is On


Retrospective Glenn Frey Solo Collection released on March 28th

Joe Walsh
album, Look What I Did! The Joe Walsh Anthology
Help Me Through The Night (backing vocals)
Ordinary Average Guys (Live, Cleveland, Ohio 1992 with the Maddog Band)

"Please Come Home For Christmas" by the Eagles featured on the album, "Christmas of Hope"

compilation, Frat Rock: The '80s
The Heat Is On

compilation box set, Billboard Top Hits 1985-1989
The Heat Is On


Warren Zevon
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead: The Warren Zevon Anthology
Carmelita (rhythm guitar, backing vocals)

compilation CD, ABC Monday Night Football
The Heat Is On

compilation CD, The 80's Hit(s) Back . . . Again!
You Belong to the City

compilation CD, Thinking About You . . . Love Songs
True Love


compilation, Summer Breeze: Mellow Hits Of The Seventies
Black Rose by J.D. Souther (backing vocals)
Peaceful Easy Feeling by Jack Tempchin (twelve-string guitar)

Dan Fogelberg
Portrait: The Music of Dan Fogelberg 1972-97
Hard To Say (harmony vocals)

Bob Seger
album, Greatest Hits
Against the Wind (harmony vocals)
Fire Lake (backing vocals)

Boz Scaggs
Box Set, My Time: A Boz Scaggs Anthology (1969-1997)
Look What You've Done To Me (backing vocals)

compilation, Power Chords Live
Smuggler's Blues (Live)

compilation, Greatest Sports Rock and Jams Volume 2
The Heat Is On

compilation, More SunSplashin'- 16 Hot Summer Hits
The Heat Is On

compilation, Premiere The Movie Magazine Volume I
The Heat Is On

New Age Tribute Album, Golden Fund
all tracks except track 6 (Co-composer)


Eagles release gold CD, Hell Freezes Over on June 1st

Max Carl and Big Dance
album, One Planet, One Groove
all tracks, (co-producer)
various tracks, (guitar, keyboards, group vocals)
One More River (co-composer)
Hold On To Your Woman (co-composer)
South From Savannah (co-composer)
I Qualify (co-composer)
Baby's Got T' Have It (co-composer)
Show Me The Money (co-composer, lead vocal)
Mr. Lucky (co-composer)

Jake Trout and the Flounders
enhanced CD, I Love To Play
Struggler's Blues Co-composer, vocal

compilation CD, Basketball's Greatest Hoop Hits
The Heat Is On

Many of the collaborations above were actually initiated years before at McCabe's Guitar Shop at 3103 Pico Boulevard and (of course) within the hallowed walls of the Troubadour on Santa Monica Boulevard. Celebrated/mourned in The Sad Café, here gathered the bell-bottomed elite of the L.A. music scene, as John Barrick tended bar . Voices were raised, glasses were raised, hopes were high and destinies intertwined like the finest of four-part harmonies. Ever wonder what it would be like to Chug All Night with Glenn? Eve Babitz can tell you....

Another person fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time was Henry Diltz, who designed many of the Eagles' album covers and was in the unique position to document the entire L.A. musicians' scene. Take a look at his photo gallery, leave him some email, and be on the lookout for a possible re-release of his fabulous CD-ROM, Under The Covers.

Another place to look is West Coast Music. If you are looking for some of the lesser-known names listed above, you may find them here. This is also a new and developing site, so keep checking back if you don't find much of what you are looking for now.

Glenn and buddy Bob Seger were part of the Detroit Music Scene before breaking out and becoming national acts: Seger by constant touring, Glenn by leaving for L.A. and establishing himself there. The Motor City Is Burning: Detroit and Southeast Michigan Rock and Roll Heritage 1966-1972 is still fairly new but the site is developing quite nicely, and there is a small but interesting bit of information on Glenn here, along with his three Detroit bands, The Subterraneans, The Mushrooms, The Four Of Us, and The Heavy Metal Kids. This was Glenn's musical scene prior to his move to Los Angeles, and is a valuable source of information about this pivotal pocket of American rock and roll.

In addition to the sessions that Glenn has contributed to, there are many talented musicians who have contributed to Glenn's sessions. This is a page dedicated to their homepages.

The All Music Guide is a huge database with full cross-referencing. If you are curious about the musicians associated with Glenn Frey's recording personnel, including the L.A. "Musicians' Mafia" (A.K.A.: The Mellow Mafia) which dominated sessions work in the Seventies, this is the place to look. You can follow links here until ‘your head is heavy and your sight grows dim...'