Hey, why sit there bummin' when you could be strummin'?
Let's go check out Glenn's guitar room!

Well! Here's where it all happens! This is the place where Glenn's alter-ego, Duane Monstertone, comes out to play... and play he does! All night, the hottest blues licks imaginable! ('Cause he's The Allnighter, naturally) D'ya think Glenn would mind if we . . . NAAAAAH! We'd better not touch any of the instruments around here. He might get mad, you know. I hear he has a helluva temper, so let's try to avoid his wrath!

But what's that thing over there? That big thing. It's a . . . Spatializer.
What in the heck is that? Well, whatever it is, it's probably expensive. Don't touch it! You break it, you bought it, baby.

Wow, there are enough guitars in this room to start up a guitar shop... but whatever would we call it? How 'bout: Glenn's Guitar Bazaar? Hey, I can see it now, spelled out in Merry Midget Christmas Lights-- YEAH!

Rickenbacker has designed a guitar with Glenn in mind, and it's gorgeous!
You've just got to see it.

Well, think we'd better head on back now, and try to stir up trouble elsewhere . . .