Hey, ya hungry? Let's go raid the cupboards and see what Glenn likes to chow down on!

Coffee? (Light Mocha Java only)
Tea ? (including 1 box of Celestial Seasonings Sunburst C and 1 box of Lipton Orange Pekoe)
1 squeeze container of honey
1 Qt. Nonfat Milk
2 - 6 packs of Coke
2 - 6 packs of Diet Coke
12 - 16 oz. bottles of Evian (plastic only) - 1/2 chilled
1 bag Eagle Brand thin potato chips
1 bag Eagle brand mesquite BBQ thin potato chips
Small bowl of mixed nuts
1/2 lb. of brown sugar
Vegetable tray (including carrot sticks, celery sticks, mushrooms, sliced cucumbers with fat-free dip)
Small fruit platter (including sliced oranges, 3 whole lemons, apples, watermelon, fresh pineapple and grapes)
One small jar Miracle Whip Light
One small jar of Grey Poupon
Finger sandwiches (ham and Swiss/turkey/roast beef)
6 black ceramic coffee mugs
6 metal spoons
salt and pepper
1 bag of Halls mentholyptus regular (dark blue) and honey lemon

Please note that the ONLY acceptable bottled water for this particular kitchen will be 16 oz. bottles of Evian, plastic only, and ever so slightly chilled. Don't get cute and start pouring tap water into the empties! It's gotta be Evian!

*This is taken from the tour rider from the Hell Freezes Over World Tour. Many thanks to Linda of Visions for bringing this one on home and for Nikki for originally putting it up on her site, Voices.