"bronze_god.jpg" width =152 height =337 "bronze_god1.jpg" width =82 height =182 The Livingroom At La Casa Del Monster
          Over here, on the mantlepiece... here's Glenn's Grammy Awards! Here's one from 1975 for Best Pop Vocal Performance By a Duo, Group or Chorus which the Eagles were awarded for Lyin' Eyes; and two from '77, namely Record Of The Year for Hotel California right alongside Best Arrangement For Voices, which they won for New Kid In Town. One more, sez here it's Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group, and that's for Heartache Tonight.

          He'd better make room for one more . . .January of 1998 The Eagles will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, their very first year of elegibility. This mantelpiece is getting crowded!
          Here's the Reebok From The Heart Award, presented to Glenn in 1990 in honor of his fundraising efforts to find a cure for leukemia, cancer, and AIDS.
          And over here is the Detroit Music Awards Distinguished Achievement Award, presented to a native boy who's done the city proud.
           Well, okay, that does it for the mantlepiece, but hey, what's the funny statue over there behind that potted palm? Why, it's the ancient Scandinavian God, Frey!

          Yes, 'tis true. According to the book Norse Magic by D.J. Conway, The Vikings worshipped Frey as the God of the Sun, the weather (Strange Weather?) crops and... Sensual Love. (Is anyone surprised?)

          As one of the central figures in the Viking Pantheon, Frey ruled over a great many things and is regarded even today as a good luck figure in the Scandinavian region. In fact, the first Swedish kings claimed to have been descended from Frey.

The Viking alphabet, more precisely called the Elder Futhark, begins with Frey's rune. This Futhark was used not only for purposes of communication and record keeping, but was also used to foretell the future. The first eight of the twenty-four runes are referred to as Frey's Aett, and pertain to beginning projects, good luck, and having the gods on your side.
          As a fertility god, Frey was seen as a benevolent force, and was called upon to bless and protect new marriages. Rituals in honor of Frey involved handclaps... which incidentally is how Heartache Tonight got started, one night in Glenn's livingroom. Coincidence? Naaaa!!!!
          Freysblot, the feast day in honor of Frey, was celebrated on July 31st, when the first harvests were brought in. On this night, revellers would party all night in the fields, with bonfires and all sorts of hedonistic behavior the norm. Sounds like a good excuse to mix up a Tequila Sunrise or two. Anybody know a big field we can take over?
          Hey, go get a Frey statue of your very own... buy two, and use 'em to prop up your CD collection...