Ah, here we are- fresh air! Let's check out the back yard...

          You can bet yer colitas that the man pictured at left was NOT an avid golfer. But hey, times change, hair gets shorter and Fu Manchu Mustaches disappear altogether. . . now this guy is just a golfin' fool. Let's go out back and see if we catch him putting around...

          Wow, the whole damned place is a golf course! This back yard stretches for miles... and the links ... well, they appear to be laid out in the shape of a guitar. I don't believe it. A guitar-shaped golf course. We must be at Glenn's. Did you know that in Colorado, golf balls sail farther due to the high altitude? No wonder he likes it there so much.

In a stunning display of ambidexterity, our hero golfs with his right hand, and smokes with his left.
          Glenn has been in many pro-ams, and was even a celebrity caddie at the Masters on April 9th this year. He also puts in his time at T.J. Martell's annual tournament to raise funds for leukemia research and treatment, and at the Lexus Challenge ,a charity event held to benefit Childhelp USA, an organization which addresses the issue of child abuse.

           And that isn't the extent of Glenn's efforts to give something back to his sport and his community! Listen to Glenn's comments on a tournament held this year in Providence, Rhode Island for the Billy Andrade/Brad Faxon Charities for Children. He and actor Joe Pesci honored two very deserving young boys who made a special contribution to this year's charity events. In his own back yard, Glenn also recently hosted Golf for Kids, a pro-am benefitting A Grassroots Aspen Experience and Aspen Junior Golf.

Rockers and Hackers . . .

          Huey Lewis... Stephen Stills... Tommy Lee... Alice Cooper(!) What's the deal with all these musicians playing golf all of a sudden? If you have ever wondered what's up with that, Glenn explains the attraction in his interview with The Golf Channel.

Sporticus Rocks!

This time Mr. Multimedia had managed to combine a few of his great loves: music, film, and golf in this enhanced CD, I Love To Play, by Jake Trout and the Flounders, that "Blues - Brothers - Rocking - the - Caddyshack" romp from fellow golfers/rockers, Peter Jacobsen, Payne Stewart, and Mark Lye. "Struggler's Blues" a new twist on the old Miami Vice tune, features vocal work by Glenn, and there is an interview clip as well.

The Golf Channel will keep you up to date on all of the latest from the golf world.

You'll probably find an article on Glenn from time to time, and, as might be expected, "eagle" puns abound.

Glenn indulges in many other athletic pursuits . . .
Did you know that in 1969, Glenn invented bunji-jumping?